Travel information


To and From the Airport

Public Transit:

To travel to UBC by public transit, take the new Canada Line skytrain from the airport heading eastbound towards “Waterfront” station. Get off of the skytrain at the “Broadway – City Hall” station and transfer to the #99 UBC bus on Broadway at Cambie Street. Alternatively, you can get off the Canada Line skytrain at “Oakridge” station and transfer to the #41 UBC bus, which can be caught on W 41st Avenue and Ash Street. Total travel time is approximately 50 minutes and costs $3.75 per adult for either route. To view the bus and Canada line schedules, click here:

Buses or the new Canada Line skytrain provides service to Vancouver, where a number of hotels are located. Please check the YVR website for more details.


The airport is serviced by 400 licensed taxis 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for YVR customers. Taxis will be queued outside of the domestic and international arrival gates. The approximate fare for travel to downtown Vancouver or to UBC from the airport is $30.00, including taxes.

Black Top and Yellow Cab are recommended taxi companies for transportation to and from the airport.

* Black Top Cabs, Phone: +1 (604) 731-1111
* Yellow Cab Co. Ltd., Phone: +1 (604) 681-1111


Limojet Gold Express provides exclusive service from the airport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The limousines can be picked up directly outside the Domestic and International arrivals area. Flat rates starting at $39.00 are charged for a YVR-to-downtown Vancouver trip, depending on your choice of limousine.

* Limojet Gold Limousine Service, Phone: +1 (604) 273-1331 or +1 800 278-8742, Website:

Car Rental:

There are a number of car rental companies that are located steps away from the ground terminal in the YVR airport and in downtown Vancouver. Most companies offer free shuttle service from hotels to their pick-up and drop-off locations. Driving arrangements can be made in advance via the web. The following are a few of the car rental companies located in Vancouver:

* Alamo Rent-a-Car, Phone: 1 800 GO-ALAMO (5266), Website:
* Avis Rent-a-Car, Phone: 1 800 879-2847, Website:
* Budget Car Rental, Phone: +1 (604) 668-7000, Website:
* Discount Car and Truck, Phone: 1 866 310-CARS (2277), Website:
* Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Phone: 1 800 261-7331, Website:

Traveling within Vancouver

The best methods to travel locally around Vancouver are through public transporation, the usage of a car (see rental information immediately above), or taxi services. Information about travel to and from UBC can be found below.

Taxi Services:

A number of licensed taxi companies operate in Vancouver. The following are only a few of the companies that provide this service:

* Black Top Cabs, Phone: +1 (604) 731-1111
* MacLures Cabs Ltd., Phone: +1 (604) 731-9211
* Vancouver Taxi Ltd., Phone: +1 (604) 664-0430
* Yellow Cab Co. Ltd., Phone: +1 (604) 681-1111

Public Transit:

For a detailed route, schedule and trip planning information for transit throughout Vancouver, visit or phone 1-604-953-3333. Please note that a bus ticket is valid for 90 minutes. Be sure to utilize the trip planning feature on the Translink website. This feature can assist you with finding the right buses to take you where you need to go.

Transportation to and from UBC

To and From Downtown:

The UBC campus is easily accessible from downtown Vancouver, with multiple public transportation buses traveling between the campus and downtown in under half an hour. The campus bus loop is conveniently located within walking distance of the conference facilities.

Further information on public transportation can be found on the TransLink website or phone 1-604-953-3333. Be sure to utilize the trip planning feature on the Translink website.

While Staying at UBC:

While staying at UBC, and for your departure, taxis are readily available in front of the Gage Towers and the West Coast Suites. There is a direct taxi telephone in the Gage Towers Lobby. For your reference, we recommend Black Top Cabs at +1 (604) 731-1111 and Yellow Cabs at +1 (604) 681-1111.

For more information on directions and transportation, we invite you to visit the Directions, Maps and Tours page on the Conferences and Accommodation at UBC website.


Limited parking is available for guests staying in the conference campus accommodations for $7.00 per day plus tax. Visitor parking is available at various parkades around campus; please visit the Visitor Parking page on the UBC website for information regarding rates and where to park.

Travelling from Seattle:

For many travellers coming to Vancouver from cities in the U.S., flights into Seattle are generally much cheaper than flying into Vancouver direct. Aside from renting a car at Sea-Tac airport, the most efficient mode of transportation between Seattle and Vancouver is via the QuickShuttle coach lines. Prices vary from $83 round-trip for students to $99 for adults. Prices and schedules can be found at and shuttles must be booked in advance. Budget for about a 5 hour trip, but the coaches come will full Wi-Fi access and bathrooms. Request that the driver drop you off along the Broadway corridor when arriving in Vancouver, where an express bus (99 B-Line) can take you directly to the UBC campus.